Single Head Cutting Machine (420mm)

Single Head Cutting Machine (420mm)

Cutting machine with 16/19inch dia blade which moves bottom to top for cutting aluminium and uPVC profiles, Max saw out in width up to 159/120mm and height 152/144mm in 45? and 210/170mm width and 144mm height in 90?

Machine will have a manual scale and if required digital scale can be added to the machine

  • Model:SDM 16A /18 A
  • Phase:Three-Phase 400 Volt
  • Weight:280 Kg
  • Air Consumption:40 L/M


  • Length:L-900 mm
  • Height: H-1300 mm
  • Width: W-900 mm


  • Length:L-1000 mm
  • Height: H-1400 mm
  • Width: W-1000 mm